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Welcome to Pastell! We are a digital services company founded in 2016 by two passionate entrepreneurs with the aim of helping businesses succeed in the digital realm.

At @pastell, we offer a wide range of digital services including web development, search engine optimization (SEO) management, social media advertising, digital marketing, and digital branding.

Since our establishment, we have worked with a diverse range of clients, from small startups to large corporations. Regardless of the size or industry of our clients, we are dedicated to providing them with the highest quality services to help them achieve their goals.

Our web development team not only creates visually appealing websites but also has a rich experience in building and maintaining functional and user-friendly websites. We understand the importance of a website as the cornerstone of an online presence for a company, and we strive to create websites that effectively represent a business's brand and message.


SEO management is crucial for any business that aims to increase its visibility online. Our SEO team specializes in analyzing websites and identifying opportunities for improvement to boost search engine rankings. We utilize various strategies, including keyword research and on-page optimization, to help our clients climb the search results and attract more traffic.

Our social media advertising team possesses the skills and experience to develop and execute successful campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We understand that social media advertising is a powerful tool for reaching specific audiences and driving traffic to a website.

Digital marketing involves utilizing digital channels to promote products or services. Our digital marketing team has a track record of creating effective campaigns that reach customers and engage with them through methods such as email marketing, content marketing, and display advertising. Lastly, digital branding is the process of creating a consistent and cohesive brand image across all digital channels. Our digital branding team has the expertise to help businesses establish a strong brand identity that resonates across everything from a company's website and social media presence to email campaigns and online advertisements.

Yarkın Güloğlu


Founder / SEO Expert

Ayşe Merve Yakut


Marketing and Communication Manager

Belgin Gül


SEO Expert

Samet Duman


Project Manager

Mustafa Yakut


Software Developer

Yağmur Çelik


Social Media Manager

We are both far away and yet so close!

At Pastell, we take pride in the results we achieve for our clients and the impact we create on their businesses. We are eagerly looking forward to the opportunity to work with you and help you succeed in the digital world.